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Capacity Building Workshop for HIV Positive Teachers

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), in accordance with the TSC Sub Sector HIV-AIDS Workplace Policy (PDF 338KB) , and in partnership with The Kenya Network of HIV-positive teachers (KENEPOTE) organized a workshop for Capacity building for HIV-positive teachers. KELIN was requested to facilitate a session on the Legal and Ethical Aspects of HIV and AIDS at the workplace. The session was carried out on 14th February 2011, at the Sports Stadia Kasarani.

The goal of this module was to acquaint the participants with the general understanding of the legal and ethical issues relating to HIV and AIDS at the workplace. With this knowledge, the participants would understand the legal provisions, local and international guidelines relating to HIV and employment. This would ensure that they would be able to identify their rights and claim them to enhance protection of their rights in the workplace. It was also envisioned that the participants will share this information with other colleagues and family members to enhance knowledge on HIV and human rights issues at the workplace.   51 participants representing the country from the following areas; Nyanza, Western, North Rift, South Rift, Coast, Nairobi and Eastern attended the session.

The following were the units covered during the 2 hours session:

  • The basics about HIV and AIDS
  • Why HIV and AIDS is a business issue
  • The Legal and Ethical issues at the workplace
  • The relevant provisions of the Constitution, The HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act 2006 and The Employment Act 2007 with regards to the workplace.
  • Anticipated Implications of Observing provisions of the Laws

A full training report prepared by the TSC in partnership with KENEPOTE will be uploaded to our resource centre next week.